UK Country Radio Stations

It’s great to listen to your favourite albums but to discover new artists and music, nothing beats the radio. So we’ve compiled a list of the current radio stations in the UK that focus on Country Music.

  • Absolute Radio Country
  • Black Country Radio
  • Countryline Radio
  • Downtown Country
  • Smooth Country
  • UK Country Radio
  • Country on BBC Radio

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Absolute Radio Country

Absolute Radio Country is a British digital radio station, and is owned and operated by Bauer Radio. It is available in selected areas via DAB, online and also via the Absolute Radio App as part of the Absolute Radio Network.

Black Country Radio

Black Country Radio is a local radio station based in the West Midlands region of England, owned and operated by Waterfront Media CIC. It operates under a community radio license and broadcasts to the Black Country and Birmingham on FM, DAB and online

Countryline Radio

CountryLine Radio is a UK-based radio station playing country music. Founded by Chris Stevens, it launched as Chris Country on 27 April 2013. It is available in selected areas via DAB, online and via the Countryline Radio App.

Downtown Country

Downtown Country is Northern Ireland’s only 24/7 digital country radio station. It is available in selected areas via DAB, online and via the PlanetRadio app.

Smooth Country

Smooth Country is a digital radio station featuring music from the biggest country icons past and present, plus the latest country music news and interviews. Smooth Country Radio launched in 2019, as the country music specialized sister station of Smooth Radio.  It is available online and via the PlanetRadio app.

UK Country Radio

UK Country Radio is an online-only web based Radio Station.

Country on BBC Radio

The Country Show with Bob Harris is the only national FM radio show dedicated to country music. It airs on BBC Radio 2 on Thursdays at 9pm. If you’re in Northern Ireland, Hugo Duncan hosts a show with all the best from the world of country music, from old favourites to new country on BBC Radio Ulster weekdays at 1.30pm.